Development of Team Working tools

One of our goals at ETUD is providing a suitable collaboration platform for team work activities.

Providing quality products and services

Providing high quality services and products is our first and most important core value at ETUD. All ETUD products are designed to deliver customer value.

Determine the exact needs of customers

Here at ETUD, our endeavors are focused on identifying customer needs and provide the best specialized solutions.

 "Be effective"

In today’s unsettled world, you can’t be effective just by being socially responsible. So ETUD decided to provide software services by focusing on the needs of the society, teamwork, and collaboration culture, and using state of the art global technology.


ETUD is proud to offer the following services to its companions: 

Implement integrated system.
Execute custom projects
Process reengineering 
Consulting in production and Implementation
Management dashboard


Recorded Tasks


Defined projects


Held Meetings


Recorded timesheet

Integrated Business and Communication Management cloud platform (PAMICA)

Nowadays cloud platforms have become a popular solution around the world. The costs and problems associated with the purchase and maintenance of data servers, network security, data support, etc. are now solved. Implementation of a comprehensive system would answer all the needs of businesses regarding diverse and complex tools. ETUD has developed the “Online project management monitoring platform” through localizing one of the most up to date platforms using python.

  • Totally web based
    Mobile friendly
    Integrated cloud platform
    Localized for the use of SMEs
    Inter- and intra-team collaboration tool
    Minimal and user-friendly management dashboard