We need each other to complete our dreams, 
An Idea can be a Concept,        
A Concept can be a  Project,
A Project can run successfully 
We Empower each other by Team Working

Team Work

we believe teamwork ensures the productivity, engagement and wellbeing of our team. we are dedicated to also bring the tools facilitating teamwork to our clients                                      


providing high quality products and services worthy of our clients is our highest priority                                                                                       

Customer Orientation

we do our best to provide the optimum customer experience and meet the unique needs of client through assessing and customizing products & services.

Be effective                                                         

In today's unsettled world, you can't be effective just by being socially responsible. So ETUD decided to provide software services by focusing on the needs of the society, teamwork, and collaboration culture, and using state of the art global technology.  

To be effective in our world by producing software

Recorded tasks


Defined projects


held meetings


recorded timesheet

Our latest products


Have you ever faced the challenge of finding a free time for your meeting suitable for all members? Each member may have a different opinion, making the setup process of a meeting really time consuming and challenging.               

We have brought you a smart tool with simple and interactive interface, easy to track, to accelerate and simplify setting up meetings in today’s busy and complicated world.



 suitable for personal use


Organizational TimeYab

 suitable for teams and organizations 

 TimeYab Process  


enter the TimeYab website

Choose the time

set up your preferred time, date and other settings


send the link/invitation email to the invitees


you have successfully managed your time with a few clicks


Cloud platforms are the worldwide solutions to the high costs, risks, and concerns of the purchase and maintenance of servers, network security, data support, …

Our team has introduced and developed PAMIKA by customizing one of the modern international platforms using python.

This platform has integrated multiple practical tools in a user-friendly environment, ideal for facilitating team work and business management.

  •      Including tools such as task and project management, discuss, employees,
  •              timesheet, …
  •     Web-based
  •     Mobile-friendly
  •        Customized based on the needs of the SMEs  
  •         Equipped with inter/intra team interaction tool
  •       Simple and user-friendly management dashboard
  •   Minimal and user-friendly management dashboard
Integrated cloud systems - PAMIKA

Some of our clients

   Extensive e-learning platform

Our team has provided you with the opportunity of creating the best e-learning websites in the quickest time possible, using state-of-the-art technology. 
The features of our platform include: creating separate courses and classes, discuss forums for each course, introducing teachers along with their resume, request consultation, defining discounts for each course, rating system, … 
To experience a sample of this simple and elegant platform you can visit     .



Building  SaadVafa site is an example of extensive e-learning platform

Our Services

Implement  integrated system            

Customizing PAMIKA (Cloud       integrated business                     management platform)                

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Customized projects                             

A variety high-quality projects from simple interface websites to complex platforms and applications.   

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ETUDit Services

Management dashboard

A practical and necessary tool for organizational performance ....

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Business Process re-engineering 

Business processes paly an important role in driving the goals and objectives of a company and team. Our expert team ...

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Consultation Services for Production & Implementation

we provide consultation services in the following fields ...   

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