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We at ETUD utilize the knowledge and experience of our colleagues alongside modern technologies to enhance human welfare through production and localization of high quality and secure software systems. With this goal in mind, we have recruited a young but capable and skillful team to answer the needs of local businesses.

The Methodology of Production & Development of Products & Services

Our problem solving approach is through a learning cycle of repetition and improvement, which gives us the opportunity for reflection and learning opportunity throughout the entire production cycle.

  • 01

    Need Assessment & Choosing the optimum Solution


  • 02

    System Design & Analysis


  • 03

    Production & Localizatioin


  • 04

    Quality Control & Test


  • 05

    Maintenance & Support


Our Team


Marjan meshkin (CEO)

Marjan Meshkin


Fateme Shakhsian(Consultant)

Fatemeh Shakhsian


Mohammad Rezaei (COO)

Mohammd Rezaei


Nima Arabi(CTO)

Nima Arabi


Sina Arabi(Senior Developer)

Sina Arabi

Senior Developer

Kamyar Karimi(Programmer)

Kamyar Karimi


Shahab Reyshahrizade (Front-End developer)

Shahab Reyshahrizade

Front-End developer

Fateme Jalajerdi- UI/UX Designer

Fateme Jalajerdi

UI/UX Designer

Faridokht Fakhar (Copywriter)

Faridokht Fakhar


Noora Dehghan(Software Developer)

Noora Dehghan

 Software developer

Ghazal Raufi (R AND D Expert)

Ghazal Raufi

 R&D  Expert